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A first foray into academic publishing was made at St. Joseph's Seminary with the New York Review from 1905 to 1908. Articles were produced by seminarians and faculty. However, pressures from the Modernist controversy caused the New York Review to cease publication in 1908.

Fifty-three years would pass until another theological journal would be produced at Dunwoodie. In 1961, theology student Richard Dillon, later a professor at Fordham University, and the late Rev. Msgr. Myles Bourke, professor of Sacred Scripture from 1966 to 1974, established The Dunwoodie Review and published our first issue. The Review was published regularly until 1974.

In 1990, Rev. Msgr. Francis McAree, Academic Dean and later Rector, revived our journal. Thanks to the cooperation of seminarians and faculty and the support of subscribers and patrons within and outside the presbyterate of the Church in New York, our journal has been published annually ever since. Readers should note that this history has been adapted from information provided by the index of the Review's 2000 issue.

The current staff is honored to continue this great tradition of our beloved seminary's heritage. We kindly ask our readers and all friends of the seminary to support our journal so that publication will go strong for the future to come.

We continue to enjoy the unique distinction of being one of the only seminary theological journals to be produced and edited exclusively by the students. We thank you for visiting the new website of The Dunwoodie Review.

2013-2014  Editorial Staff

Editor: Rev. Mr. Joseph Scolaro, IV Theology

Assistant Editor: Mr. John Gribowich, III Theology

Production Editor: Rev. Mr. Matthew MacDonald, IV Theology                                       

Business/Web Manager: Mr. Rufus Kenny, I Theology

Copy Editors:

   Rev. Mr. Jeremy Canna, IV Theology  

   Mr. Sean Connolly, III Theology

   Mr. James Sheridan, II Theology     

   Mr. Jon Tveit, II Theology

   Mr. Chris Sullivan, I Theology

   Mr. John Wachowicz, I Theology


Theological Advisor: Rev. Fr. Kevin O'Reilly, S.T.D., Class 1996.

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